Cashing in on the Geocache

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few time ago a another video titled Cashing in on the Geocache was posted by the youtube channel: The Traveling Shintoist

As informed in the page by The Traveling Shintoist: #TheTravelingShintoist #LiveLifeLoveLifeBeLife #WanderlustJ1
Geocaching is locating caches using a GPS with an app on your phone. These caches contain a variety of things or even lead you on to other locations in a treasure hunt style game.
Today I am geocaching with my nephew again but this time we found two caches. This is a new hobby of ours and we enjoy the hunting of each cache. This is a great way to get people outdoors more especially children that stay inside most of the time.

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Watch the video below:

We will continue to follow the channel and posting everything we find

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