Charmander Community Day – Pokémon Go

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It was just posted by ZillaJumper, the video “Charmander Community Day – Pokémon Go”.

As informed in the youtube page by ZillaJumper: “Thanks For Watching :)\n\nI am TOTALY NOT A GEN 1 FAN…right\n\nMy Channel\n\nRJ’s Channel…\n\nEli’s Channel\n\nMatts Channel…\n\nMy Discord Server\n\nAbout Me,\n Hey, guys, I’m ZillaJumper, I’m an enthusiastic aspiring Youtuber. I love to share funny and entertaining gaming videos to the internet. I hope you stop by and enjoy my content. \n\nThings I Like\n\n-Godzilla\n-Mortal Kombat\n-Assassin\n-Dinosaurs\n-DragonBall\n-Naruto\n-Pokemon \n-Minecraft\n-And much more\n\n#Charizard #PokemonGo #ShinyCharizard”

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