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Today, just a few moments ago a another good video titled ENERGY UPDATE was revealed by the channel: Wizard Tricks

As written in the video description by Wizard Tricks: There has been an Energy update! Thank god! So much better for wizards unite fans!
Check out what I mean in the video!

Video #113
Location: Ventura, CA

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βˆ™ Tips and tricks on how to play
βˆ™ Different Confoundables
βˆ™ Wizards Unite Game play
βˆ™ Community engagement
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βˆ™ And much more!

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πŸŽ’Vlog Gear List!
βˆ™ Camera/Phone: iPhone Xs Max
βˆ™ Mobile Tripod: Joby GoriiliaPod Mobile 🦍
βˆ™ Stationary Tripod: Neewr Tripod
βˆ™ Gimbal: Smove Mobile
βˆ™ Drone: Mavic Pro πŸ›©
βˆ™ Mic 🎀: Rode VideoMicro
βˆ™ Lighting Mobile Rig πŸ’‘: Lumimuse LED 3 + 6
βˆ™ Lighting Stationary: Neewr LED Panels, LimoStudio Box Lights
βˆ™ Green Screen ❇️: Elgato Green Screen

#EnergyWizardsUnite #spellenergy #Wizardsunite

Watch the video :

We will keep following releated news and posting anything we discover

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