GO: Stadium FREESTYLE TOURNAMENT RECAP! Pallet League, Rising Star Tier – Pokemon GO PvP

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a few minutes ago a another great video called GO: Stadium FREESTYLE TOURNAMENT RECAP! Pallet League, Rising Star Tier – Pokemon GO PvP was revealed by the channel: CallMeJake

As informed in the youtube page by CallMeJake: #Battlers #PokemonGO #PokemonGOPvP #GOStadium

Battlers! Welcome back to another pokemon go pvp video! In this one, we’re going to be showcasing my GO:Stadium Pallet League Freestyle tournament! If you enjoy freestyle content, you will surely enjoy this. We learn some lessons about going off meta and we go 2-2 in this tournament. Lots of things to learn about using off meta pokemon and I hope this video helps you with your understandings of certain matchups. Enjoy!

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