GTA San Andreas iOS – Mission #12 – Robbing Uncle Sam

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few time ago a another amazing video titled GTA San Andreas iOS – Mission #12 – Robbing Uncle Sam was published by the youtube channel: Crazycreeper359

As published in the video page by Crazycreeper359: #gtasa #usecodevictory03\n\nCreator code: Victory03 \n\nGrand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough – Mission No. 11 – Robbing Uncle Sam\n\nMission for: Ryder\n\nMission Objectives: Get in the van with Ryder and drive down to the compound at Ocean Docks. Open the front gate by shooting the switch on the other side of the wall. Open the warehouse door by shooting the switch on the far side of the wall. Get in the forklift truck then load 6 crates onto the van. Get in the van then head to the lock up in Willowfield.\n\nReward: Respect\n\nJoin my discord using this invite link:\n\n\nI hope you enjoy this video, and also subscribe, like and comment and use my creator code: Victory03, that is shown as a hashtag, and also subscribe to my brother’s channel, OHM-Ghost:\n\nMy friend’s channel:\n\nFollow me on instagram:\n\n\nLatest video:

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