Handing Out Some Payback! – Lords Mobile

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few time ago a another great video entitled Handing Out Some Payback! – Lords Mobile was revealed in the channel: Worthy Prince

As published in the by Worthy Prince: Get up to 65% cashback on all your Lords Mobile purchases with Huawei AppGallery! Click the link and complete the form to make your money go further: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdtci4LL1U9tILryY6Kq9CIgioNIbz_4ZunC2cq2mocoriFaA/viewform\n\nIt’s always frustrating when you get captured in Lords Mobile. However, there is nothing more satisfying, than going back a few days later to try and get some revenge! We also come up against a nasty rally trap comp, and I also managed to find a little solo target.\n\nBecome a member of the Worthy Prince channel!\r\nhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbFQhmu83qR2GF6YYP-EfKA/join\n\nMake sure to subscribe and hit the bell to never miss an upload or stream! Join our notification squad The Worthy Knights!\n\nFollow me on Twitter – @WorthyPrince2\nJoin The Discord – https://discord.gg/RQPabpT\n#LordsMobile #WorthyPrince \n\nThanks for watching!\n\nLords Mobile Rally Trap\nLords Mobile Revenge\nLords Mobile Rally Leader\nLords Mobile T5 Troops\nLords Mobile Solo Attack\nLords Mobile Leader Captured

Check Out the video below:

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