Harry Potter: Hogwarts in 2020

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Today, few time ago a new video called Harry Potter: Hogwarts in 2020 was uploaded by the channel: The Warp Zone

As informed in the video page by The Warp Zone: Get up to 31% off Displate metal posters here ► https://displate.com/thewarpzone?art=5f4d599476fee\n\nHow a Hogwarts class with Harry Potter and company would look in 2020\n\nJoin our community on Patreon! ► https://www.patreon.com/thewarpzone\n\nHarry Potter – Hogwarts in 2020\nIt’s back to school time and students are getting used to meeting up on Zoom calls to do their learning this year. We found it funny to imagine if the wizards of Hogwarts were doing the same thing. So, set in the current muggle borne health crisis, Harry Potter and his classmates meet up for a socially distant Zoom class with good ol’ professor Snape\n\nSTARRING:\nSeverus Snape – Alex Walker Smith \nHarry Potter – Ryan Tellez\nHermione Granger – Lisa Foiles (@Lisa Foiles)\nVoldemort – Jon Bailey ( @epicvoiceguy )\nLisa Turpin the Hufflepuff – Anna Brisbin ( @Brizzy Voices )\nRon Weasley – Michael Adams Davis\nDraco Malfoy – David Odom\nNeville Longbottom – Michael Schroeder\nMatty Sohinkus the Slytherin – Matt Sohinki ( @Sohinki )\nTerry Boot the Ravenclaw – TJ Smith ( @TJ Smith )\nTheodore Nott the Slytherin – Tyler Scheid ( @Tyler Scheid )\nHannah Abott the Ravenclaw – Mary Risk\nMandy Brocklehurst the Ravenclaw – Jamie Frost\nJust Finch-Fletchly the Hufflepuff – Brian Fisher\n\nWritten by Michael Adams Davis and Michael Schroeder\n\nDirected by Michael Schroeder\n\nProduced by Brian Fisher and David Odom\n\nEdited by Chris Haynes\n\nVFX by Richard Cabrera of Romthirty VFX – http://www.romthirty.com\n\n\”Tiny Shark\” music and vocals – Alex Walker Smith (https://www.givitsound.com/)\n\nSpecial Thanks:\nTaylor Frost\nShawn Cloninger\nMaki Smith Saruwatari\n\nFor business inquiries ► [email protected]\n\nA Warp Media LLC Production 2020\n\n- The Warp Zone -\nMichael Adams Davis (http://instagr.am/teamdavisinsta)\nBrian Fisher (http://instagr.am/lifeofbrianfisher)\nDavid Odom (http://instagr.am/mr.spodom)\nMichael Schroeder (http://instagr.am/theschroeder)\nRyan Tellez (http://instagr.am/tellezryan)\n\nWZ Facebook ► http://facebook.com/TheWarpZone\nWZ Instagram ► http://instagr.am/TheWarpZone\nWZ Twitter ► http://twitter.com/WarpZoneTweets\nWZ Tik Tok ► https://bit.ly/2JQBAZZ\n\nNEW VIDEOS ON FRIDAYS! The Warp Zone is a pop-culture sketch comedy, gaming, and music video channel.\n\nWe here at The Warp Zone have a passion for all things nerdy- video games, movies, tv shows, comics, superheroes, and anime and we love making funny videos about them!\n\n#harrypotter #hogwarts #harrypotter2020

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