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few moments ago a another good video entitled Harry Potter || Nobody Else was revealed by the Youtuber: Thomas Edit.

As informed in the youtube description by Thomas Edit.: “You know. The very first time I saw you Harry, I recognized you immediately. Not by your scar, by your eyes…”

I originally uploaded a 5:33 Harry Potter video a few months ago. However discovered it was blocked everywhere due to a copyrighted song. Rather than just slapping a new song over the old one I decided to split the video into two believing that will be the best choice. I edited the second half the of video (adding 40 seconds too the beginning) so that it can be it’s own video, and made adjustments too the video/sound later in the video. The other part of the video will need to be re-edited, too get a good ending, and to fit with a new song. Enjoy!

Best Quality: 1080p Music: Mark Petrie – Destiny Falls [Epic Music – Powerful Dramatic Orchestral] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqIihmTuBWc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EditThomas
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Watch the video :

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