Harry Potter Wizard Unite GPS Joystick New Zealand #01

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Joystick New Zeland
Joystick New Zeland

As the game release aproches, more and more people want to get a jump start into the Wizard world. The solution for the aspiring wizards is to get the .apk file and spoof to New Zeland, where the game is in beta state.

To play Harry Potter Wizard Unite GPS Joystick New Zealand you will need to go to the APK Mirror websiste, download the molst recent .akp file from the game and install on your device.

This will give you the ability to play up until the end of the first tutorial. If you want more from the game, you will need to take the next step. You will need to spoof your locatin to New Zeland, where you will find the current buildings and foundables avaliable in the game.

A good place to start is the Pokemon Go Spoofing subreddit. There you will find everything you need to spoof on a range of diffrent devices. With the exception of the modded apps on pokemon go, every other method of spoofing works for the Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Just be aware of the fact that this actions may result in a bad ending for your account as sopoofing is not something supported by niantic.

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