Harry Potter Wizard Unite Spoof Fake GPS Group

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Spoof Group

The story could not be different. Another popular geolocation game is release and once again, we see the rise of spoofing gorups dedicated to sharing coordinates.

With Wizards Unite this story could not take a different turn. Harry Potter Wizard Unite Spoof Fake GPS Group is one of this groups and is rising more and more each day.

The people in this group is friendly and dedicated, the share the best “Foundables” in the game as a way of helping each other, something that we dont usually see on regular player groups.

Maybe for the lack of tools to do so, or just pure lazyness, but the absense of sharing and helping each other on the poupular whats app groups is making pepople turn more and more to the discord groups dedicated to spoofing.

We understand that its not an easy task to share on regular groups, so game developers sould start thinking about a better way for the regular players to share the location of good itens, or they are gonna keep turning to the best alternative around.

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