Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – 4 player Tower Chamber 5

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few time ago a brand new video called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – 4 player Tower Chamber 5 was posted in the channel: DazAction

As written in the youtube description by DazAction: This was my first time taking on Tower Chamber 5 and also first time we encountered an elite enemy as a group.

Being a Magizoologist, I am able to heal and revive teammates. Currently I can restore 20% stamina and revive someone to 70% stamina (2:04 and 4:42) . I also have a Bravery Charm that enhances teammate power vs elites by 60%, which came in handy against the elite enemy (3:33).
Since my main focus is to support my team, a good portion of my time is spent on the battle screen healing and reviving my teammates. I left most of the battling to the Aurors and Professor, hence why I didn’t attack the elite enemy.

This was a great victory involving teamwork. During the battle we communicated with each other our tactics and strategies of which enemy to attack and what charms to cast. I am highly enjoying this game which has an emphasis on co-op gameplay for the wizarding challenges. I hope the beta comes out soon for everyone to participate in.

Watch the video below:

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