Here is Your Mobile Legends Update + Free Skin & Release Date

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few time ago a new video called Here is Your Mobile Legends Update + Free Skin & Release Date was posted by the channel: Otep Gaming

As published in the youtube description by Otep Gaming: Here is Your Mobile Legends Update + Free Skin \u0026 Release Date!\n\n🔻TIMESTAMP:\n00:00 (HIGHLIGHTS)\n00:05 (INTRO)\n00:12 (DEC. STARLIGHTS?)\n00:37 (FREE SPECIAL SKIN)\n00:57 (HELCURT SKIN)\n01:17 (FREE SKIN)\n02:19 (SWORDMASTER)\n02:50 (REVAMPED RELEASE)\n03:30 (FRAGMENTS?)\n03:48 (ANOTHER FREE SKIN)\n04:14 (NEW MODE RELEASE)\n07:22 (NEW SKIN RELEASE)\n08:04 (NOV. STARLIGHT)\n08:22 (NOV. REWARDS?)\n08:45 (FREE HERO)\n09:14 (HELL INSPECTOR)\n09:46 (NOV. EPIC SHOWCASE?)\n10:12 (OUTRO)\n-\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n\n🔽Music Used: 🎵\n🔹\n🔸\n\n🔽Images Used: 📸\n🔹\n🔸\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n\nOtep Gaming\n\”You S☆bscribe, You D☆serve\”\n-Your Partner in Upcoming Mobile Legends Update.\n\n🔻Otep Gaming(MLBB Update):\n▫️\n▫️\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n🔻Otep Nation(MLBB Content):\n▫️\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n🔻Otep Smurf(LOL:WR Content):\n▫️\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n🔻Official TIKTOK:\n▪️\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n🔻Official INSTAGRAM:\n▪️\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n🔻Official FACEBOOK PAGE:\n▪️\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n🔻Official FACEBOOK GROUP:\n▪️\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n🔻Official DISCORD:\n▪️\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n\n🔻Otep Gaming ML Account🔻\n▶Main Account: \”Otep Gaming\”\n▪287594602 (3580)\n▶Main Advance Server: \”Otep Gaming\”\n▪287594602 (57015)\n▶2nd Account: \”Otep Smurf\”\n▪385317999 (3796)\n▶2nd Advance Server: \”OtepGaming\”\n▪385317999 (57020)\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n\n🔻WARNING:\n-Do not SHARE Your Personal Information, Any Contact Number, and ETC.\n\n🔻Terms of Service(December 10, 2019)\n▪\n\n🔻Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)\n▪\n\n🔻About FAIR Use:\n▪\n\n🔻About REUSED Content:\n▪\n\n🔻COPYRIGHT DisClaimer:\n▪\n\n🔻COPYRIGHT Issue?\n▪ [email protected]\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n\n🔻FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)🔻\nQ▪ Are You Filipino?\nA▪ YES, Im 100% Pinoy Live in Philippines\n\nQ▪ Are You Boy or Girl?\nA▪ Im a Man means BOY.\n\nQ▪ Do You have a GirlFriend?\nA▪ Friends? Girl? I have lot of Friends Girl but i Dont Have GirlFriend(NGSB, Study 1st)\n\nQ▪ What Type of Phone Did You Used?\nA▪ I am Using ANDROID Phone.\n\nQ▪ What Screen Recorder do you Used?\nA▪ Rooted on My Phone \nA²▪ Az Screen Recorder\n(Binder Clip + Earphone = Internal Sound)\n\nQ▪ What Apps did you use to Edit Thumbnail?\nA▪ I Always use PixelLab \u0026 YT STUDIO.\n\nQ▪ What Apps did you use to Make Transparent Background?\nA▪ I always use , PixelLab \u0026 Background Eraser.\n\nQ▪ What Apps did You Use to Edit VIDEO\nA▪ Im Using KINEMASTER until Now.\n\nQ▪ What is Your ROLE in Mobile Legends?\nA▪ Im ALL AROUND User( I Can Use any Types of Hero) \”ADJUSTABLE.\n\nQ▪ Can I Add You in Mobile Legends?\nA▪ Sure, 287594602(3580) or Check My ML Account👇\n(🔻My Mobile Legends Account🔻Section)\n⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊\n\n🔻Are You Looking For my Editing Apps?\n▶PixelLab\n▶Background Eraser\n▶Kinemaster- No Watermark\n\n🔻Recommended Screen Recorder:\n▶AZ Screen Recorder\n🔽AZ Screen Recorder Settings;\n1. Encoder= Default(More Stable)\n2. Resolution= 1280x720p\n3. Frame Rate= 60FPS\n4. Bit Rate= 12\n5. Orientation= Auto Rotate\n6. Audio= On\n\n🔽Internal or Ingame Sound Recorder;\n▪Following Needed;\n1. Earphone With Mic Button\”Any Type\”.\n2. Small Clip or Small Binder Clip.\n▪Set Up;\n1. Put Earphone into Your Phone\n2. Turn into Max Volume(Better Sound)\n3. Put Binder Clip into Earphone Mic Button\nwait Until Voice Assistant Pop Up(It Depends on your Phone Type \”Android or IOS\”\n4. Open Your Screen Recorder:\n🔽Note: \”Make Sure Your Screen Recorder have Already Turn On Audio/Mic On.\n5. Test Record In your Music Library.\nIf it Working now, Share This Guide.\nIf Not, Try \u0026 Analize Instruction(If Still not Working, Your Phone is your Problem😅.\n_________________________\n#Starlight #MobileLegends #OtepGaming

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