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a few time ago a another great video titled HIGHLIGHTS INSANE (55) – KNIVES OUT was published by: OhNytavoN

As published in the youtube page by OhNytavoN: hmmm curioso rs… \n\n\n\nGOSTOU DO VIDEO❓ COMENTE… \n\n🎈OBRIGADO POR ASSISTIR❗ \n\n▶Discord:https://discord.gg/d6gwDb9\n▶SONHO apoia.se: https://apoia.se/novato\n▶Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmanuelNevesN\n▶Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ohnytavon\n\nVideo Novos Toda (QUARTA – SÁBADO) – 09:00 ou 11:00\nObs: estou fazendo testes de horarios.\n\n🎮 LINK DO JOGO:https://knivesout.163.com/\n_________________________________________________________________________\n➔Configuração Do meu notebook: Intel celeron 3205U 1,50 GHz\nHD graphics\n4GB RAM\n500GB HD\n\nsim é um milagre roda isso.. \n\n➔Resuluçao:640×480 30Fps (saturaçao e brilho colocado na EDIÇAO)\nEditor: Sony Vegas 16\nGravador: Dxtory\n________________________________________________________________________\n#荒野行动\n#ESSEHIGHLIGHTSTÁHARDCOREMERMAO\n#KAR98INSANA

Watch the video :

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