How To Download Open Beta “League of Legends: Wild Rift” for Android/IOS

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It was just revealed by the channel Gaming Mobile, another amazing video “How To Download Open Beta “League of Legends: Wild Rift” for Android/IOS”.

As pubished in the youtube page by Gaming Mobile: “How To Download Open Beta Test \”League of Legends: Wild Rift\” for Android/IOS\n\nFinally! Wild Rift is coming to open beta in Southeast Asia, Japan, and South Korea on Oct. 27(PT).\n\nThe game will be coming to Europe, Oceania, Vietnam, and Taiwan in December. For the Americas, however, Riot plans to release Wild Rift during the spring of 2021.\n\n►► Total Size: 2.35GB\n\n► Online/Offline: Online\n\n► Android:\n \n► IOS:\n\n► Niten Channel:\n\n► Malware Channel:\n\n#GamingMobile\n…………………..\n\n► List Game:\n\n⭕️ MMORPG Gameplay:\n\n⭕️ RPG Gameplay:\n\n⭕️ MOBA Gameplay:\n\n⭕️ Top Game Mobile:\n\n► GAMER MOBILE CHANNEL / Thanks SUBSCRIBE\n\n► SUBSCRIBE:\n\n►► Mail: [email protected]\n►► Facebook:\n\n……………………\n\n© Copyright by Gaming Mobile Channel ► Do not Reup”

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