Ingress – The Impossible Portal at Point Zero

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few moments ago a another amazing video titled Ingress – The Impossible Portal at Point Zero was uploaded by the youtube channel: Michael Herzog

As informed in the by Michael Herzog: Usually if you start Ingress with the BlueStacks Android Emulator you are placed in the middle of nowhere, quite possible some GPS 000000 point on Earth. Recently a Resistance Portal popped up at this exact point. Scary thing is – the are no resonators and so it can’t be attacked. It accepts hacks, but doesn’t give items and also seems to have no cooldown either.

Easiest explanation: 1) Portal submission had a broken GPS tag, but was accepted anyway 2) Portal owner is a spoofer and captured it because it was there 3) GPS 0 position creates a kind of weird computation bugs so the Portal behaves in this weird way

Does anyone have information on this “Technotronic Archive” or user “Balmoth” who owns this portal?

Portal on the Ingress Intel Map:,0

Watch the video below:

We will continue to follow the channel and posting everything we discover

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