K3 Sisters LIVE Harry Potter Weasleys & Concert 9/26/2020

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Today, few minutes ago a another video entitled K3 Sisters LIVE Harry Potter Weasleys & Concert 9/26/2020 was uploaded in the channel: K3 Sisters Band

As written in the by K3 Sisters Band: Welcome to the K3 Sisters Band’s FALL Series Premiere Concert- Sat. Sep. 26 at 1pm CT right here on their YouTube channel! This feature-length show will include live versions of a number of songs from the girls’ just released \”My Time LIVE\” album, AND special guest appearances by the actors who played Fred, George, Percy and Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter movies! Of course, there will also be lots of interactive fun, your comments, K3 Sisters impressions and more! Spread the word. POTTERHEADS UNITE! \nAll the love from Kaylen, Kelsey \u0026 Kristen #k3motto\nCopyright 2020 Bruce Ray Productions All Rights Reserved

Check Out the video below:

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