Let s have lunch together geocaching, cuz it s LPC DAY!

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Today, a few moments ago a new video called Let’s have lunch together geocaching, cuz it’s LPC DAY! was revealed in the channel: Cache the Line

As published in the page by Cache the Line: It’s about time I went out to find a cache at lunch. Grab your lunch and come along for the ride as we find a very, VERY cool geocache! Props to the cache owner for their creativity on this one.

Comment below if you spot the cache before it’s revealed! Be honest πŸ™‚ Did you guess right?

Yes, “Canadian iced tea” is what in the United States would be called “sweetened” iced tea. Well we don’t have sweetened iced tea, we only have ~unsweetened~ iced tea ;).

What’s your go-to fast food joint?

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