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few minutes ago a another amazing video called MEGA RAIDS & HEATRAN 🔴 LIVE – Pokémon GO was revealed in the channel: LocoJandro

As published in the page by LocoJandro: Let’s use our Raid Hour time to hunt for some Shiny Heatran and maybe a Mega Raid or two!\n\nIf you enjoyed, leave a like and consider subscribing. Thank you!\n\nBecome a Patron and become part of the Loco-Fam:\n\nMy Links:\nTwitch –\nTwitter –\nFacebook –\nDonations – \n\n_\n\nProduction Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:\n\nIntro Song: \”Hell No (Instrumental Version)\” – Elias Naslin\n\nBackground Song: \”Mountain Downhill 3\” – Niklas Gustavsson\n\nEnd Song: \”Thrillseeker 2\” – Gustavsson \u0026 Sandberg\n\n#PokemonGO #ShinyHeatran #RaidHour #MegaRaids

Check Out the video below:

We will continue to follow the channel and publishing everything we discover

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