#MobileLegends | Ranked Game (Grandmaster IV) as Tigreal – July 12, 2020

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a few time ago a another amazing video called #MobileLegends | Ranked Game (Grandmaster IV) as Tigreal – July 12, 2020 was published in the channel: Henry Garde II

As published in the video page by Henry Garde II: Accepting any amount for donations: https://www.paypal.me/HGarde\n\nTimestamps\n0:00 – Welcome to Mobile Legends\n1:56 – Assist to Kill Dyrroth\n3:45 – Assist to Kill Zilong\n5:07 – Assist to Kill Miya\n5:19 – Kill Zilong\n5:46 – First Death | Assist to Kill Nana | Assist to Kill Miya\n7:04 – Assist to Kill Dyrroth\n7:48 – Second Death\n9:05 – Assist to Kill Nana | Kill Franco\n10:31 – Third Death\n12:55 – Assist to Kill Zilong | Assist to Kill Miya | Kill Franco | Assist to Kill Nana\n13:45 – Assist to Kill Zilong | Kill Franco | Assist to Kill Nana | Assist to Kill Miya\n\nHi, I’m Henry! This is my channel about Fate/Grand Order, Groove Coaster 2, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Pokémon GO game plays and possible other mobile game content that you can watch and somehow enjoy.\n\nIf you like the video, give it a like button! Share it to your friends and colleagues and tell them to subscribe to my channel, and this will help me a lot!\n\nMy channel publishes videos that focus on mobile game plays, maybe in the future we will do some live streams, but my setup for now is poor. All video recordings on my Samsung C9 Pro.\n\n==============================================================\nUpload Schedule: (GMT + 8)\n==============================================================\nEveryday 9 AM and 3 PM – Fate/Grand Order JP Game Plays (Event and New Singularity)\nor\nMON 9 AM and THU 9 AM: Groove Coaster II Perfect / Full Chains\nTUE 9 AM and WED 9 AM: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Game Plays\nFRI 9 AM and SAT 9 AM: Pokémon GO Random Encounters\nSAT 3 PM, SUN 9 AM and 3 PM: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Game Plays\n==============================================================\n\nThank you and peace out!

Watch the video below:

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