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Today, just a few minutes ago a new video entitled NEW EVENT!!! MORA GOODY BAG & COSTUME SET – RAGNAROK MOBILE was published in the channel: BudzGaming

As published in the description by BudzGaming: Mora goody bag is added to the game with new costume set Exotic Glamor.\n\nMETEOR PULSE BUILD FULL GUIDE (STELLAR HUNTER) ~\n\nTHINGS TO DO TO IMPROVE YOUR HANDBOOK IN THE FUTURE ~\n\n\n7.5M CRIT DMG STELLAR HUNTER W/ TOAD STAR CARD \u0026 TIME HOLDER STAR CARD ~\n\nPLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FUTURE CONTENT AND CLICK THE NOTIFICATION BELL!\n\nIf you think im doing a Good Job you can Donate to help me improve my Channel\n\n1. 500K CRIT DAMAGE ADL SNIPER, HOW TO REACH?\n\n\n2. 8 WAYS TO FARM ZENY AS F2P PLAYER\n\n\n3. FINALLY ADVENTURER BAG +10, HOW TO TIPS \u0026 GUIDE\n\n\n4. BASIC GUIDE ON BEING A ADL RANGER\n\n\n5. 900K CRIT DAMAGE (F2P) RANGER ON GARM, HOW?\n\n\n6. 2.9M CRIT DAMAGE (AS F2P, NOT BAD?) MY RANGER UPDATE\n\n\n————————-\n\nBoss Hunt Video ~\n\nROM Ranger Guides ~\u0026list=PLOuAVD5QblBDRsUEd7Ez7RUDoFX-J9poz\n\nROM Guides ~\u0026list=PLOuAVD5QblBCvBPpLGzYtgaiW-EfaRIvc\u0026index=1\n\nRagnarok Mobile Grinding ~\u0026list=PLOuAVD5QblBBkcegWmMgberAJhXcrOi6_\n\nRagnarok Mobile WOE/WOC ~\u0026list=PLOuAVD5QblBB7dsWyowjbaLQQuFpfm6Wt\n\n————————-\n\nGuild: BLKJN\nLeader: EmmaN\nWe are Looking for RG, AB, Genetic that is WOE ready.\n\n————————–\n\n[Contact Me] ✉\n\nEmail:\n►[email protected]\n\nJoin/Ask/Hang with me on Discord \n►\n\nBudzGaming FaceBook Page\n►\n\n————————-\n\n[MUSIC] ♫\n\nN/A\n\n————————–\n\n#MoraGoodyBag #ExoticGlamorOutfit #RagnarokMobile

Check Out the video below:

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