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few minutes ago a another amazing video titled NEW MMORPG GAMES 2020 | RAGNAROK M : NEW GENERATION | AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID & IOS was published in the channel: KOPI TARIK GAMING

As published in the video page by KOPI TARIK GAMING: ————————————————————————-\n✓watch my playlist for more video :\n\n[Upcoming Games 2020 For Android]\n\n\n[New Games To Play 2020 For Android]\n\n\n[Genshin Impact Gameplay ] :\n\n\n————————————————————————-\nDownload :\n\n\nOfficial facebook :\n\n\nFor now this games is official release in Taiwan.I will update when global release is coming.\n\nAbout games :\n\nOfficially licensed, RO’s latest work Ragnarok M: New Generation!\n18 years later, a new crisis has emerged and a new chapter is about to open, as Plondra awaits the return of adventurers. As an MMORPG, \”RO Legend of Wonderland: The Birth of a New Generation\” reconstructs the scenery of Midgard with delicate and delicate style, pure and high precision 3D visual effects, restoring and paying homage to the classic gameplay elements of RO, while incorporating heartfelt innovations to bring a new immersion experience.\nThe new generation of RO is about to be born, so come back to this familiar fairyland and create your own adventure legend once again.\n\nFeatures\n- A new start to the classic adventure!\nThe warm and magical world of RO is once again open to you! The classic landmarks and cute creatures are carefully restored, and a brand-new story and innovative gameplay are injected.\n\n- Q-plated exquisite style, 3D presentation angle to your heart’s content.\nContinuing the classic Korean Q-frame style, the visual design is exquisite and delicate, the new 3D presentation is rich in detail, and the camera angle can be freely adjusted to provide scenery along the journey.\n\n- Social interaction and companionship\nThe hustle and bustle of the square, the companionship outside the South Gate, the chatter of the guild, and the coordination of the replica… The multiple social mechanisms will keep you warmly accompanied.\n\n- Unique job transition system with different equipment and skills.\n6 types of professions, 12 branches of professions to choose from, 3 times of job advancement, exclusive equipment and skills for different professions, different gameplay styles, and a rich and diverse game experience.\n\n- With the leisure demands in mind, you can easily reduce your burden by seeking the road and running.\nOptimized interface design for handheld experience, easy to use. Auto pathfinding, hangman battles, and easy risk-taking with less pressure.\n\n————————————————————————-\n\nKeyword :\n#RagnarokMNewGeneration \n\nRagnarok M: New Generation, Ragnarok M: New Generation gameplay, Ragnarok M: New Generation official release, Gravity games, Ragnarok M: New Generation mmorpg\n\nAbout my channel :\n\nopen world games, fantasy games, action games, rpg games, anime action rpg games, android games, ios games, pc games,new mmorpg games, new rpg games, anime rpg games, new games, news ios games, new android games, pre-register games, pre-register games 2020,\n\nupcoming mmorpg games 2020, upcoming rpg games 2020, upcoming action rpg games 2020, upcoming games 2020, upcoming games 2021, new games to play for android \u0026 ios, new mmorpg games 2020, new rpg games 2020, new android games 2020, news ios games 2020

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