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Today, just a few time ago a new video titled New Trailer Talk: Is this Final? | Wizards Unite Blog was uploaded by the Youtuber: 2ByondtheWorld

As written in the youtube description by 2ByondtheWorld: Niantic has dropped a new post and trailer today. In this video, I do a read aloud on the post and a little bit of talk on the headlines we see in the trailer. My apologies for small quality. Still learning my way around Youtube!

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WizardPHD- Ancient Magic created the Calamity in Wizards Unite [THEORY]:

New trailer and Post can be seen at this link:

Screen Recorder: AZ recorder for Android

From new trailer – June 6, 2019
Phone: Moto G6

Lights by Sappheiros Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0… Music promoted by Audio Library

Check Out the video :

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