OGH Instance Bareng Anak Guild GamblerZ – CHAMPION RAGNAROK ONLINE

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Today, few minutes ago a another amazing video entitled OGH Instance Bareng Anak Guild GamblerZ – CHAMPION RAGNAROK ONLINE was uploaded in the channel: SavageBeast

As informed in the youtube page by SavageBeast: 🔶 Halo semua di Episode kali ini gw akan ke Instance bareng anak guild gw nih , yang mau gabung Guild bisa kontak gw langsung ya di discord / ingame\n\n\nJangan lupa pas register pake referal code gw ya !\n\nREFERAL CODE : corleone666\n\n🔽 Download Champion Ragnarok\nwww.championragnarok.com\n\n🔽 Facebook \nhttps://www.facebook.com/champion.ragnarok\n📷 [email protected]\n\nFollow me on all social media!\n\n🐤 https://www.facebook.com/fcorlee\n\n📷 http://instagram.com/corleonef666\n📷 http://instagram.com/fcorleone666\n\n🅾️ Subscribe: http://youtube.com/EviLNinja666\nThanks for watching, be sure to leave a Like! :)\n\n\n⛔ Server Info\n\nRenewal Low Rate\n• 25x/25x/3x\n• Max Level 185/65\n\n• Have a fun community\n!Features\n• Episode 16.2 Terra Gloria\n• jRO 3rd Job Costume\n\n• jRO/kRO/idRO/iRO Official Headgear\n• Headgear/Garment to Costume Converter\n\n\n#ragnarokprivateserver\n\n#ragnarokonline\n#savagebeast666

Check Out the video :

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