Opening Harry Potter TCG packs!!

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a few minutes ago a brand new video called Opening Harry Potter TCG packs!! was posted in the channel: Faith, Family, and Sports

As published in the description by Faith, Family, and Sports: While on vacation we stopped at a Goodwill store and found these Harry Potter trading card game packs. My daughter, Kimhari, is a huge Potter fan so we picked up 3 packs just to check them out. After opening these she liked them so well we had to go back and pick up the rest of what they had. I think it was 5 more packs. The foil card she pulled does seem to be some kind of special card, kind of like refractor or something. She also pulled another one out of the second set of packs.

And, if you would like to send some Potter stuff, we can make a trade of some kind. Those of you in the card community know how it works. Let us know what you like to collect and we can send something to you as well.

Thank you for watching her video and God bless.

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