Pokemon Go – Legendary Raid Darkrai Gameplay Walkthrough

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It was just posted in the channel Orcz, another great video “Pokemon Go – Legendary Raid Darkrai Gameplay Walkthrough”.

As pubished by Orcz: “Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality Mobile game developed by Niantic.\n\nTrainers wander about in the real world to travel to Poke Stops, Gyms, encounter wild Pokemon, battle in raids as teams or solo.\n\nLegendary Raids change on a monthly basis, bringing in a new challenge and a unique Pokemon that a team of Trainers can catch.\n\nPokemon Go – Team Rocket\nhttp://orcz.com/Pokemon_Go:_Team_Rocket\n\nPokemon Go Wiki:\nhttp://orcz.com/Category:Pokemon_Go_Wiki\n\nPokeDex:\nhttp://orcz.com/Category:Pokemon_Go_Pokemon”

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