Pokemon GO PvP Battle – Season 3 GBL – Rank 7/8

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Today, just a few moments ago a new video called Pokemon GO PvP Battle – Season 3 GBL – Rank 7/8 was uploaded by the channel: PvP Player

As informed in the video description by PvP Player: Hey Trainers,\n\n\nit’s soo good to see you back for another video! This is just a short update video on my current GBL progress. I am still running the Haunter Team to decent success, but now that I am rank 8 Haunter feels subpar. So once I have more Charged TMs I will definitely replace him.\nAlso I am quite busy with work, so I won’t be uploading videos as frequently as I did in the past days. Follow me on twitter to always be updated on my current rating!\nI wish you the best of luck, we all will get to rank 9 eventually (hopefully) =)\n\n\nAnd I’ll catch you later!

Check Out the video :

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