Pokemon Let s go Eevee ep 1:Gym Leader Brock

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Today, few minutes ago a new video titled Pokemon Let’s go Eevee ep 1:Gym Leader Brock was posted by: Fleks X

As published in the by Fleks X: yoo and yo and yo and yo yo boes it’s me Fleks yah here is the vid hope u enjoyed so yeah hope u enjoyed this vid if you end up enjoying pls subscribe it’s totally free it takes you like only 2 seconds to click it and click on the bell so you will get notifications when i upload a new vid(btw pls only 8% of the people that watch my vid are actually subscribed so pls concider subscribing)also don’t forget to kiss the subscribe button and don’t be unfair(because i like their videos everyone that is watching this vid right now i like every single one of your vids and u are not liking mine 🙁 sad boe)but anyways hope you enjoyed the vid don’t forget to kiss the subscibe button and dance with the like button and BYE!

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