Pokemon: Let s Go Pikachu – Part 5 | First Time Playthroughs

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few minutes ago a another great video titled Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu – Part 5 | First Time Playthroughs was uploaded in the channel: First Time Playthroughs

As written in the video page by First Time Playthroughs: Hey everyone, and welcome to Taylor’s first EVER Pokemon playthrough! That’s right, before this LP, she has never played a Pokemon game the full way through, making this series a genuine capturing of somebody’s first-ever experience playing Pokemon generation one! Knowing that Taylor had never played a Pokemon game before, Shadow knew that Let’s Go Pikachu for the Nintendo Switch would be a great choice to get her introduced to the franchise. Of course, with this game having mechanics similar to Pokemon GO, this is certainly meant to appeal to a more general audience. Will Taylor become enthralled with the world of Pokemon, or will it leave a lot to be desired? Join Taylor and Shadow as they journey together through the world of Kanto for the very first time! Adventure awaits!\n\nCheck out our socials!\n————————————\n1TP Twitter: https://twitter.com/1st_TP\nTaylor’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwearingTaylor\nShadow’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/AShadowStreak

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