Possible Professions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

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Today, few minutes ago a another amazing video entitled Possible Professions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite was published in the channel: The Wizards’ Guide

As informed in the video page by The Wizards’ Guide: Wizards guides Mike and Brittany venture back into brainstorming possible features for AR mobile game, Harry Potter Wizards Unite. In this episode, they discuss the idea of your wizard specializing in a profession and what type of professions may work in Wizards Unite.

+News and Updates in the Wizarding World:
– Fantastic beasts promos
– Promo 1 – Wand picture
– Promo 2 – Group shot and title revealed: Crimes of Grindelwald
– Release date: Nov 2018
– LeakyCon sold out of all tickets in only a few days
– https://www.leakycon.com/
– Niantic announces they have raised $200M in funds for release of Wizards Unite: https://pokemongohub.net/post/breaking-news/niantic-raises-200-million-series-b-funding-round-led-spark-capital/

+ Episode topic: Possible Professions
As discussed, we are predicting some form of professions system
Each character has a choice of choosing 1
We ran a poll on what professions you’d like to see
Potion maker 40%, gamekeeper 30%, tailor 20%, time turner 10%

+ Potion maker
– What does potion mean in WU or something else?
– Healing your wizard or beast?
– Herbaligist included in this profession
– Ideas for potions
– Basic concepts:
– Lure for beasts/Increase spawn rates
– Increase spell drop rates
– Increase items from stops
– More specific to HP – Using potions in battle
– Confusing concoction/Dizziness Draught – to disorient enemy
– Liquid luck – one of the hardest potions to make
– Instant catch rate for beasts
– Instant level up for wizard
– Duration of time of all bonuses given by devs
– Pepperup Potion – Improve health
– Causes steam to come from ears
– Polyjuice Potion – impersonating someone else

+ Switch factions for quests?
– Aging potion
– Allows you to experience the highest possible level beasts
– Black Fire potion
– Allows to be immune to fire attacks
– Burn Healing Paste/Calming Draught
– Heals burns or other status ailments
– Dog Breath
– Use in battle to breath fire
– Exilir of Life
– Revives
– Or us it occasionally to permantly increase your wizards health points

+ Gamekeeper
– Hagrid and his beasts
– Increase the amount of beasts used in battle
– Choose what type of beasts to track on nearby
– Increase battle bonus with beasts
– Access to exclusive quests and beasts in forbidden forest
– Ability to trade theses beasts

+ Tailor/Robe Maker
– Create clothes for your wizard
– Not available to other wizards
– Some robes increase different stats on wizard
– Invisibility cloak

+ Time Turner
– Effect some time elements in battle
– Slow down enemy wizards/beast attacks
– Speed up spell cool down times
– Shorten beast charge attacks
– Shorten egg distanceS

+ Antique dealers
– Marauders map
– Deluminator
– Allows to gather materials to create runes
– Weasley’s family clock
– See the status of everyone in your party
– Philospher’s Stone
– Change junk items in for gold…
– Hermione’s handbag, increase storage limits
– What other professions should be in WU?

Should there be professions?
Is it possible for a mobile game to replicate a profession system like wow?
Would this open up possibilities of a auction house?

All movie clips from Harry Potter credited to Warner Bros.

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