Ragnarok Android: Meta-ro (beta test) vlog 03

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Today, a few time ago a another good video titled Ragnarok Android: Meta-ro (beta test) vlog 03 was posted by: BERU’S channel

As informed in the video description by BERU’S channel: Gawa Naman tayo ng wizard mga lodi, please support my channel don’t forget to subscribe 🤠\n\n🔥🔥255/120 Trans Server na mala Dark-RO ba hanap mo? Kita-kits dito sa Meta RO! Available on PC \u0026 Android! Official opening on September 26!😎🔥\n\n💮Official Group: fb.com/groups/MetaROPH\n💮Website: www.meta-ro.net\n📱Mobile: http://bit.ly/Meta-AndRO\n💮Full Installer: http://bit.ly/MetaRO_Fullv1\n💮Lite Installer: http://bit.ly/MetaRO_Litev1\n\n💮Server Rates💮\n✅Base/JobExp: 10000x\n✅Normal Cards: 100%\n✅MVP Cards: 5%\n✅Rare Cards: 1% (FBH, Gloom, Thana)\n\n💮Server Info💮\n✅Transcendent Jobs\n✅Unfrost \u0026 PK Server\n✅Eco-based Server\n✅Base/JobLv: 255/120\n✅Max Atk Spd: 196\n✅Max Stats: 255\n✅Insta Cast: 150\n✅Max Guild Cap: 26\n\n💮Game and Host💮\n✅Dedicated Server\n✅DDoS Protection\n✅Gepard Shield 3.0\n✅LGP Enabled\n✅Proxy Servers/Channels

Watch the video below:

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