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few time ago a another good video called REGISTEEL IS FINALLY NERFED | Pokemon GO was published in the channel: SwagTips

As published in the video description by SwagTips: Pokemon GO Battle League Season 3 is having a move rebalance. The result of this balance may finally take down the Great League and Ultra League titan, Registeel. However, in its wake, Drifblim rises up! This video covers the details of the Season 3 update letter. Along with the rebalance, the Ultra League is receiving a Premier Cup and we’re also getting a Flying-Type Cup where we only use Flying-type Pokemon. GO Battle League Season 3 will truly be a lawless land! \n\nOther cool updated include a Drill Peck buff, Drill Peck Empoleon, Weather Ball Abomasnow, Weather Ball Pelipper, and Close Combat Braviary. Powder Snow, Hex, Infestation, and Blizzard are also receiving buffs while Focus Blast, Flash Cannon, and Moonblast are receiving nerfs. \n\nSupport SwagTips on Patreon:\nSwagTips Merch:\n\nOfficial Announcement:\n\nBest Mega Evolutions:\u0026list=PLQzfeTFxFtztA1FZEjDwp9bPA1_GOwDWX\n\nPvP IV’s:\nGO Battle League Guides:\u0026list=PLQzfeTFxFtzuTRNMHtZfg2ICZ3zbNWVRc\n\nDPS/TDO Sheet:\nGoBattleSim:\nPvPoke:\nPokebattler:\n\nSwagTips streams every Thursday at 7pm CT\r\nTwitch:\r\n\r\nFollow me on FB \u0026 Twitter for updates, infographics, and savory memes\r\nFaceBook:\r\nTwitter:\n\n#PokemonGOPvP #GOBattleLeague #PokemonGOUpdate

Check Out the video below:

We will keep following the channel and posting everything we discover

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