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Today, just a few minutes ago a another video called SHINY KOFFING POKEMON GO was revealed by the channel: AndorUGameS

As published in the video description by AndorUGameS: Shiny Koffing Pokemon GO

What is up guys it’s Andoru here and in this video we caught one of the new Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Shiny Koffing! There’s a new special research that contains some Pokemon that can be shiny. And one of them is Koffing. And guess what? My Koffing turned out to be SHINY! Because it was from a research quest the Shiny Koffing has 96% IV with 15 on Defense and 14 in Attack and HP. I also evolved this Shiny Koffing to a Shiny Weezing. Then finally I showed the Pokedex for both Koffing and Weezing. Thanks for watching and please leave a like and subscribe. And I will see you guys next time. PIECE!


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