SHINY PSYDUCK – Pokemon Let s Go Pikachu Shiny Quest Shiny

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Today, just a few minutes ago a another video called SHINY PSYDUCK – Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Shiny Quest Shiny was revealed by the channel: CyndaKiel

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Let’s Go Pikachu Shiny Quest:

The shiny quest is similar to a SBQ, but there are very distinct differences. I am only allowing myself the usage of Lures. No Catch Combos or Shiny Charm is allowed.

I must then attempt to collect all of the shiny Pokemon on a route before moving on.

Duplicate shiny Pokemon are no considered in the route….therefore you do not have to collect 2 shiny Pidgey from 2 separate routes.

You are allowed to return to a route to catch all Pokemon at a later time.

All routes must be cleared before entry into Pokemon League is allowed (exception being Cerulean Cave).


Shiny Pokemon Reactions Playlist:

Pokemon Black 2 Nuzlocke:

Pokemon Red Playthrough:

Intro/Outro Music by:

Another Chill Day:


Red and Blue Route 3 Remix – Outro:

Check Out the video :

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