Solo trap KvK action|September 2020|Lords mobile

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few time ago a another great video entitled Solo trap KvK action|September 2020|Lords mobile was revealed in the channel: Eather Trap

As published in the by Eather Trap: l’m a solo trap account, I’ve started trapping 5 months ago and i was able to take some gangbangs and hits from full mythic and maxed accounts.. If you’re interested in solo trapping and chest openings please watch my other videos and subscribe to the channel. \n\nI take no credit for this comp. i saw it first from Cheerio’s SGE Gb. \n\nArrowsToAthens-Black sky\n\u0026t=105s\n\n\nNeffex-Chance\nNeffex-Soldier

Check Out the video below:

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