The END of SPOOFING | PokeGo++ Has Been Canceled, iSpoofer NEXT? Niantic Cracking Down

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As Niantic has filled a lawsuild against PokeGo++, spoofers all arround the world have been worried about their future in the game.

End of Soofing
End of Soofing

PokeGo++ has been a big part of the spoofing community as one of the best tools for IOS players to play their game in the confort of their couch.

Its true that many of theses players use this app for “legit” reasons, but still, this is not exaclty what “Follow the TOS” mean.

CrackedOS posted a very intresting video on this subject: The END of SPOOFING | PokeGo++ Has Been Canceled, iSpoofer NEXT?

As published in the youtube description by CrackedOS:

“Niantic filed a lawsuit against Global++, they wanted them to immediately STOP distributing their ++ hacked games, like PokeGO+++ and other ++ games. Shortly after, Global++ COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN THEIR OPERATIONS AND SAID GOODBYE. Is iSpoofer next? What happens is iSpoofer goes? Spoofing might be over for good.”

We dont support spoofers on this blog, but we do not condon them, as we know how dificult is to play this game some times.

Problems with data connection, gps mal function, lack of pokestops an gyms. All of this and a lot of other things makes spoofing an intresting alternavie to keep the game alive.

The only thing we can say is, be careful, do not break the TOS and have fun playing the game.

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