The time has come! Wizards Unite releases! | ⚡ Nox

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Nox has been a part of the debut of spoofing for pokemon go players when the game was sill in the early days and with the relase of Wizards Unite the story repeats it self.

A lot of videos are poping out on youtube about running wizards unite on nox, but for us it still unclear if people have been successful or not.

On our attempt, we couldnt achive success, but who knows, maybe we did sometheing wrong. All we know is that a few youtubers claim success, but the comments on those videos show very diffrent results.

As always, we are going to follow this topic and try our best to get it working, but as we know, the previous games from niantic are very well developed to not work on this envoirments, so it should come as a surprise for anyone if Wizards Unite never work on android emulators.

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