Total Confusion Among Us // Among Us Pt. 1

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Today, a few moments ago a new video called Total Confusion Among Us // Among Us Pt. 1 was posted in the channel: MegiSonika

As written in the description by MegiSonika: -My first attempt-\n\nI was willing to understand the myth about this very new popular game that has been going around lately, and it got me confused and left me in willing to know more. Will be going on because I have been laughing the hell outta me XD.\n\n—\n\nMusic: \nED (Ending/Outro) : Let Me Smile – MegiSonika\n\nExtra Credit: Them memes\n\nPrograms Used:\nAmong Us (Steam)\nWindows Movie Maker\nOBS\n\n—–\n\nDid you like todays video? Show me with a \”like\”!\n\nIf you feel like a need to see more of me gaming, drawing, ect. please subscribe!\n\n——-\n\nAre you interested in getting to know me? Do you have questions or do you simply just wanna see more? \nHere are some places where you can find me:\n\nMy DevianArt:\n\n\nMy Amino: \n…\n\nMy WattPad:\n

Watch the video :

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