Wizards Unite: Dark Chamber 5, no potions (Proficiency First)

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few time ago a brand new video entitled Wizards Unite: Dark Chamber 5, no potions (Proficiency First) was published by the channel: MICKKEYS

As written in the youtube page by MICKKEYS: Remote play on the Knight Bus by a team of AAPPM having fun\nPlayers: MangoCreamZ, cocotruffles, 9threefour, fireyesgurl, Pocketeded\nFoes: 23\nTime left on the clock: 5:26\n\nNote: \n- Not a perfect run, just casually taking down some foes. You probably can spot some mistakes here and there due to the lack of communication.\n- This video is done before update 2.13.0\n- Not all players are able to communicate with each other due to remote playing. \n\nMusic Credits: M4-Beats – Need For Speed Heat

Check Out the video :

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