Wizards Unite: Done. Solo d. Fortress Level 10.

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just a few time ago a another great video entitled Wizards Unite: Done. Solo’d. Fortress Level 10. was posted by the youtube channel: TheFisher Killence

As informed in the youtube page by TheFisher Killence: Hi boiz. I am kiLLence, a rural player of Harry Potter Wizards Unite in the Philippines. I have been soloing fortresses from the start. It is because I don’t even know anyone in my community. I am a Level 21 Magician. Magizoologist Level 6. Follow and like this videos as I upload my journey in soloing fortresses.

In this episode, you will see how I solo’d fortress Level 10. Tower Chamber V. Potions are my best friend. Before this video, I solo’d Fortress Level 8 and 9 but I will upload it next time. That’s all boiz. See you in the next video.

Watch the video :

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