you need to relax / Among Us shipping m.a.p (open)

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just a few time ago a another amazing video called you need to relax / Among Us shipping m.a.p (open) was published by: ꧁ Pixel * Rex ꧂

As informed in the by ꧁ Pixel * Rex ꧂: don’t ask why astronaut beans are on earth uh\n\nmight be Jupiter who knows\n\n\n\nRules: \n\nDon’t join if you aren’t gonna finish\n\nDeadline is Oct 27th\n\nBe as fast as possible but don’t rush \n\nuse these characters, You may add your among is character In a couple parts tho\n\nIf you can’t draw among is characters, DON’T JOIN\n\nIf you aren’t gonna join, DON’T COMMENT ABOuT iTttwsbhdbfdb\n\nYou can let mp4 (black) almost devour people (your characters) And mp4 wanna hide that he is hangry\n\nwholesOme Map no edge, unless Mp4 opens his mouth to eet\n\nno nsfw tho\n\n2 parts per person\n\ni will mark your name with a `√` if ya finish, \na ☆ if you just got kicked\n\nparts:\n\nIntro Credits-\n1- uncommon trash\n2- uncommon trash\n3- foxdii animates\n4- Coolz work\n5- Yogurt uwu √\n6-\n7-\n8-\n9-\n10-\n11-\n12-\n13-\n14-\n15- Mine\n16-

Check Out the video below:

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